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Dreamtime Diamonds

Remarkably beautiful and naturally captivating, Dreamtime Australian Diamonds originate from the world renowned Argyle Diamond Mine, located in a remote corner of Northwest Australia.

Every Dreamtime diamond is unique and resonates with the Australian landscape, its stories and legends. Every diamond is tracked so you can be assured your Dreamtime jewellery contains Australian diamonds that are natural and untreated.

These stones are truly one-of-a-kind as each differs in an array of visually striking palate of colours, which represents the warm colours and rich mythology of the Australian land.

The idea behind Dreamtime jewellery is that it is versatile, affordable and on-trend. The styling is simple, but also elegant and interesting. It’s about taking the colours of the Outback and playing with them to create the kind of thing that will last a lifetime. The designs truly emulate the essence of the Australian outback culture.

Knowing you have something from Australia that has been in creation for millions of years, and specifically from the Kimberley region - that makes owning one of these pieces really special.

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