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Custom Design

Let Us Create Something As Unique As You Custom Design

We realise that not everyone has the same taste, and most people seeking a customised design are looking for something individual which makes a statement about who they are. We understand that, so we make custom designs to suit each customer's individual vision and budget and can also redesign your existing jewellery into your dream jewellery piece .

  • Your Journey starts with one of our experienced team members, trying on various styles and designs. Through this process we are able to identify what design elements work for you and your style and shape preferences.

  • Once the design concept is finalised our specialised jewellery sketch artists go to work creating a visual masterpiece of your dream piece of jewellery for your approval.

  • Once a complete price is agreed upon and a deposit taken, your special piece is crafted using computer aided design or hand crafted by our Master Jeweller.

What is Computer Aided Design?

CAD otherwise known as Computer Aided Design, is computer aided software that turns your Jewellery idea into an accurate and detailed image. Most hand-make jewellers are limited by their ability to sketch and manufacture. CAD allows us to create exactly what you want without limitations. The possibilities are endless.